Certifications:  Certified Birth Doula CD(DONA) with DONA International, Certified Childbirth Educator through ACBE (Academy of Childbirth Educators)

In pursuit of my passion in helping birthing mom’s in labor I began the journey of certifying through DONA. My passion began to stir when I was a child and witnessed the difference between a hospital birth and homebirth with the same mom. She seemed so upbeat after the homebirth, this woke me up to seeing birth in a different way than it had always been portrayed to me… hard, unbearable and nothing to smile about. She later let me watch her water birth video and I was amazed at the calm countenance through the entire birth. Birth could be something to look forward to. I was sold, not on being a doula but on laboring in a more comfortable atmosphere. I later did have 5 children at home, 4 unassisted with my husband and the last with a Midwife. They all were amazing. Similar stories of wonder and excitement kept being relayed by other moms who birthed at home, but I began passioning for all moms to experience this joy, wonder, and thrill no matter where they decided to birth. To have the experience that was never portrayed through film, a wonderful, beautiful, joyous, natural experience. I love praying for women in labor. I love watching them accomplish one of the hardest tasks they encounter. I love being a part of it. I want to see maternity care improve and I want to help reduce pain in labor.  
I realize the reality that this is a life and death matter. So in pursuit of my passion I certified to gain more insight into the realm of birth through DONA International and as a Childbirth Educator through the Academy of Childbirth Educators (ACBE). Mom’s were seeking me to help them during labor and I merely sought certification as an avenue to help them better! I love it!

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