I, Rachel, am  a Certified Childbirth Educator CCE,  trained via Dona as a certified Doula CD(DONA), Birth Assistant,  Student Midwife and NRP certified.

Choosing the right doula package for your birth needs is important. I offer a variety of services designed to meet your birth goals for a smooth delivery. Experienced in home birth, hospital birth, medicine-free and epidural birth, equipped to provide support during your birth experience.   

Every woman deserves a doula. Ask about building a custom package, financial aid,  and ABD scholarships if  money stands in the way of hiring a doula.


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Grandview, MO 64030 |  (816)489-8990  |  Open 24/7 for Doula Care 
Comfort Measures such as; 
cold packs, heating pad, compresses, foot rubs, back rubs, rolling pin technique, rebozo,  knee press, counter pressure on the lower back, aquatherapy, drinks, snacks (made for you, or purchased), music, aromatherapy using essential oils, prayer, walks, eye pillow, scripture reading, birth ball, focal points, rubbing pressure points, double hip squeeze, knotted sheet pull (to aid progression) and more.

ESSENTIAL DOULA PACKAGE  $650 returning clients
                                                     $950 New clients
~Free initial Consultation with free beverage of choice
~1-2 Prenatal Visits
~Birth Plan Development and Implementation Support
~Prenatal Birth Story Party (optional)
~Private Childbirth Education (to suit your educational needs)
~Unlimited phone/email support pre & postnatally
~Continuous Labor Support
~Continuous Emotional, Physical & Spiritual Support during labor
~Comfort Measures 
~Informational Support
~Use of position changes to help ease pain and aid normal delivery
~Use of Essential Oils if Desired
~24 hour on-call support plus 3 and minus 4 weeks of birth
~Initial breastfeeding support
~1-4 hours Initial Postpartum Support
​~A few birth snap shots 
~A written birth story (if requested)

Photography by Arise Birth Doula  $100.00

Rachel Schwepler
​DONA Trained Doula, ABD Doula,
CCE(Certified Childbirth Educator)
NRP Certified
Birth Assistant
Student Midwife